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The key ingredient in formulation of products is our extensive collective knowledge and  experience.
Our ingredient selection is based on the premise that “each herb or natural agent could do some
good for only a specific group of health conditions and individuals”. There has been too much focus
on the herbs that have strong, proven-by-laboratory-test effects and a tendency to recommend these
herbs to everybody for every condition. Examples of these high profile herbs are
Ginseng, St. John's
Wort, Gingko, Saw palmetto, Echinacea,
ect… In contrast, we have successfully used more humble
and less famous herbs such as
Bamboo juice, Black seed oil, Corn sills, Sea morning glory, Onion
juice, Sweet potato vine.
.. in our products. More importantly, we chose only select parts of different
herbs making each design very specific. Other companies will use the whole herb, leaf, stem,
flower, bud, and/or seed in their formulations. Since each part of the herb has a different active
ingredient, it is crucial to only use the parts that achieve the desired effect. This exclusive selection
process, combined with our extensive knowledge and experience, sets us apart from most other
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